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Olmützer EV was an ethnic-German ice hockey club situated in Olomouc, Czechoslovakia, which was part of the Sudetenland region.

Bandy hockey was first played in Olomouc by SK Olomouc in 1912. Ten years later, Olmützer EV was noted to have participated in a regional Challenge Cup along with SK and ČSS Olomouc.[1]

The club played in the Troppauer Wanderpokal, held in January 1930. In 1931-32, Olmützer EV won the Moravian Evening Newspaper Tournament held in Olomouc, finishing ahead of SK Baťa Zlín.[2]

They played in the Moravian-Silesian (Mahrische-Schleshien) division of the German Association Championship during the 1930s. The club also took part in numerous international matches over the years.