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The International Hockey Wiki is a website that aims to be a comprehensive database on hockey around the world. Information on leagues, teams, players, hockey-playing countries, and international competitions involving club and national teams is all featured on here. Much of the data found on the wiki is not available anywhere else on the Internet.

Areas of Coverage

These are the main areas covered on the wiki:

  • International competitions in all eras
  • European teams, leagues, arenas and seasons in all eras
  • Asian, African, South American, and Oceanic hockey
  • World/European Championship and Olympic Games players who competed prior to 1950

These areas are covered as well, but are not main focuses of the website:

  • National Hockey League teams and seasons
  • Early North American teams and seasons

The primary focus of the website is undoubtedly on European hockey. There are plans to expand coverage on North American teams and competitions in the future, but it will likely not be all-encompassing. The possibility of expanding the players database to include post-1950 and non-international players also remains a consideration.


For quality control purposes, account creation and anonymous editing are disabled. Admin is the founder, head administrator, and webmaster of the International Hockey Wiki, and is responsible for the creation of most of the content on the website. BobbyOrr is the other administrator and website editor.


If you have any questions, comments, wish to share information you have, or have noticed an error that needs correcting, please write to We gladly accept any information contributions, and will make every effort to use the content. If desired, the info can be credited on each page it is used on.


The following individuals, by graciously and generously sharing their time and knowledge, have been instrumental in the construction of this repository.

  • Franco Beffa - European standings and results
  • Marc Branchu - European hockey
  • Jan Casteels - Belgian hockey history
  • Mick Chambers - British hockey history
  • Martin Harris - British hockey history
  • Patrick H. - Early European competitions, pre-World War II players & Romanian results
  • Stephan Müller - German hockey history


A wealth of information on the history and development of worldwide hockey exists both online and in print. Some of the resources that have been the most valuable are listed below.



  • Der Eishockeysport - official publication of the Austrian Federation
  • Ice Hockey World - British hockey magazine edited by Robert Giddens. 542 issues released between 1935-1940 and 1946-1958.
  • Ice Hockey Herald - British hockey magazine edited by Bernard Stocks. 52 issues published between 1968-1973.


  • Allgemeine Sport-Zeitung
  • Algemeen Handelsblad
  • Arbeiter-Zeitung
  • Czas
  • Dagur
  • Der Oberschlesische Wanderer
  • Edinburgh Evening Dispatch
  • Freiburger Zeitung
  • Fremden-Blatt Wien
  • Gazeta Lwowska
  • Glasgow Evening News
  • Glasgow Evening Times
  • Glasgow Herald
  • Haarlem's Dagblad
  • Kurjer Wilenski
  • Le Figaro
  • Le Matin
  • Moravska orlice
  • Morgunblaðið
  • Napi Hírek
  • Narodni listy
  • Narodni politika
  • Polonia
  • Pommersche Zeitung
  • Prager Abendblatt
  • Prager Tagblatt
  • Prager Zeitung
  • Przeglad Sportowy
  • Reichenberger Zeitung
  • Silesia
  • Sportkiadás
  • SportTagblatt
  • The Argus
  • The Daily Record and Mail
  • The Evening Times
  • The Scotsman
  • The Sydney Morning Herald
  • The Times
  • Welt Blatt Wien


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