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This page is a compilation of interesting facts, humorous anecdotes, and amusing pictures. Enjoy!

Did You Know

This section is a collection of interesting and sometimes obscure facts about hockey around the world.

Did you know that...

...that in 1814, Bury Fen Bandy Club had supposedly been unbeaten for over a century?

...that there was an ethnic German Championship played in Czechoslovakia during the 1930s?

...that Roger Van der Straten-Ponthoz scored the first known goal by a European goaltender on February 27, 1910?

...that a game between DEHG Prag and Olmützer EV in 1934 was stopped by the police as it was "disturbing the nighttime peace"?

...that an ice hockey championship was played in Tajikistan in the 1950s?

...that the brothers Mezzi, Zacchi, and Gianni Andreossi played together on the Swiss National Team at the 1922 European Championship?

...that in Belgium, it was common for players to play in long trousers, white elegant shirts and bow-ties during the early 1900s?

...that in 1926, Budapesti Korcsolyázó Egylet became Slovak champions in bandy, and Troppauer EV Opava became Slovak champions in ice hockey, despite neither club being from Slovakia?

...that the New Niagara Challenge Cup was the first indoor tournament to be played in Great Britain, and Europe as a whole, when it was contested in 1897?

...that a Challenge Cup between SC Lyon and Club des Patineurs de Paris was played in France in 1902-03?

...that the Tebbutts from England donated the Wanderpokal to be competed for in Germany in 1901?


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Caricatures of famous players were commonplace in the European newspapers prior to World War II. Check out some of them below: